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Patterns of sleeplessness - hypnotherapy for insomnia in Essex

The inability to get a good nights sleep can affect people in different ways. Some people experience difficulty in getting to sleep in the first place, others may wake up periodically during the night or wake very early in the morning and then find that they are unable to get back to sleep at all. But whatever pattern you may be experiencing, it is certain that your insomnia will be preventing you from enjoying everyday activities which others simply take for granted.

The difficulty with sleeplessness is that the more you try to 'will' yourself to sleep, the harder this becomes, then if you start thinking that you can't sleep, it's almost certain that you won't, which leads to nights of endless rumination, worry about the lack of sleep and clock watching.

Insomnia is extremely debilitating. Not only does it leave you feeling exhausted and irritable, it can also affect you emotionally and can make you experience feelings of anxiety and helplessness. Persistent lack of sleep can weaken your immune system leaving you susceptible to illness, it can also affect your relationships and have a negative impact on the way you react to everyday situations.

Causes of Insomnia

The primary causes of insomnia can vary, but usually have a connection with either current stress anxiety or environmental change, an unresolved psychological issue or physical factors such as pain or a medical condition.

Sleep Solution with Hypnotherapy for insomnia in Essex

Hypnotherapy in Westcliff offers an excellent sleep program using hypnosis which is designed specifically to target the root cause of your insomnia and provide you with techniques for you to use at home which will allow you to quieten your mind and enable you to enjoy easy quality sleep and to wake the next day feeling refreshed and clear headed. After all, sleep is a natural process and we all possess inborn mechanisms that allow us to sleep comfortably and well. This sleep program will provide you with the ability to enjoy this natural part of life by re-educating your mind to relax easily into sleep.

This sleep program with hypnotherapy for insomnia in Westcliff will also give you the opportunity to learn simple easy to use relaxation exercises which will allow you to rest your mind and body and ease you into a comfortable nights sleep. These are tried and tested techniques which have helped countless others to experience the benefits of simply slowing down for a while and enjoying deep comfortable relaxation, something that we all need in order to function properly in our busy lives!


"...For the first time in years I have been able to enjoy sleeping through the night and really believe that my days as an insomniac are truely over. I feel a different person, thank you so much..." James, Rayleigh.

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