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Habits - Why will power alone doesn't always work

At some time in our lives many of us have made a conscious decision to rid ourselves of a bad habit once and for all. We know of the serious implications that habits like smoking or overeating can have to our health. Even a habit such as nail biting can have a really negative impact on our self confidence. So why, in spite of all our good intentions do we find our will power and motivation evaporates in time and we revert back to our old ways?

It helps to understand that there are two compartments to our mind. The conscious decision making part dictates our logical thoughts and will power, whilst the huge subconscious part constantly works away in the background, acting as the storage department for our memories, emotions and significantly, our habits. Although we may consciously want to change a habit, there are times when the subconscious hasn't quite got the message and continues to 'perceive' that the habit is doing us some good.

Hypnotherapy can provide the solution to many stubborn habits that will power alone has had difficulty in changing because it enables the subconscious to reject the bad habit and accept new positive alternatives so that lasting beneficial change can happen and the results can be quite amazing! For example, just one hypnotherapy session is often all that's needed to become a non-smoker. It is a safe, effective and natural therapy where the client is in complete control at all times. It's similar to when you become engrossed in a book or film, yet are still aware of your surroundings.

Therefore, when will power alone doesn't work and that stubborn habit persists, hypnotherapy can provide an alternative to 'just giving in to the habit' and in many cases, results in a lasting solution.

By Annabel Barry

This article is the copyright of Annabel Barry. It may not be reproduced in full or in part by any method without express permission.

© Copyright Annabel Barry 2011.

Eating Less and the Secret Power of Thought

Imagine starting a new diet. You’ve made your mind up and this time you are going to stick to it. You feel a sense of determination as you step on to the scales, wince a little as you note what they read but you promise yourself that this time it’s going to work.

Fast forward a few weeks or maybe even days and that enthusiasm to keep that promise to yourself is already beginning to fade. Perhaps you’re focusing on eating more than ever; craving food that you have been trying to avoid. Maybe you are beginning to tire of the idea of ‘Having to be good’ each and every day. Or simply you’re beginning to notice a sense of sheer disappointment when the scales read little or no change.

Some of you of course may have found that the diet did help you to lose weight, but you fell into the complacency trap of no longer having any reason not to overeat, and so the weight crept back on again, creating that unhealthy cycle of weight-loss and gain and loss and gain that we know as yo-yo dieting.

Many diets focus on following a set of guidelines designed to help one lose weight. However, when a person’s freedom of choice is removed, they automatically begin to start to obsess about the very food that is considered bad or forbidden. This in turn causes a person to feel that they have failed at sticking to a diet yet again and they once again fall into the overeating trap. Hypnotherapy helps one to use and enjoy the power of choice over when and what to eat; shifting the thought process connected with food which results in eating less.

Take some time now to think about this statement – Your weight is not your problem. Being overweight is a symptom of eating too much. Your problem is you eat more food than your body needs. When you move attention away from what those scales read and begin to focus on the reasons behind why you overeat, you start to re-prioritise the way you think, and by doing this you can begin to change the way you feel which will help you to let go of that unhealthy relationship with overeating.

Learn the secrets of natural weight-loss.

By being able to learn to recognise the patterns that are preventing you from becoming slimmer, you can start to understand the hidden drivers behind that desire to overeat. The term used to describe these underlying reasons is Psychological Eating. This can present itself in many different ways. There may be an emotional attachment to food which is being used to fill a gap in a person’s life; stress itself can result in the over production of the hormone cortisol, which can have a link to increased appetite, abdominal fat and sugar cravings; or we may be conditioned from childhood to clear our plates or always eat dessert.

Once the psychological reasons for overeating have been addressed, then the actual habits and weaknesses of eating can be changed for the better. With Hypnotherapy, your relationship with food can be changed into a 'positive attitude' to food. So-called ‘forbidden food’ can still be enjoyed but with a greater sense of control and moderation, allowing you to feel confident and relaxed about how you behave in the presence of food at all times.

If you change your thinking, your behaviour automatically changes too and you can start to enjoy the power of choice which comes with eating less. You may even surprise yourself as to how easy this can be… Think about it!

By Annabel Barry

This article is the copyright of Annabel Barry. It may not be reproduced in full or in part by any method without express permission.

© Copyright Annabel Barry 2015.

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