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Quit smoking for good

Hypnotherapy can provide the solution to many stubborn habits that will power alone has had difficulty in changing, and this therapy offered by Hypnotherapy Westcliff is quite simply, the best available to become an ex-smoker - permanently.

Hypnotherapy enables the subconscious to reject the bad habit and accept new positive alternatives so that lasting beneficial change can happen immediately. This is a safe, natural drug free solution and there are no unpleasant side effects.

If you really want to stop smoking, then this unique personalised programme which includes a 12 months guarantee, will ensure that that you have the very best opportunity to quit for good.

Why Will Power Alone Doesn't Always Work

Many smokers at some time or another have made a conscious decision to stop smoking. We all know of course about the serious implications that the habit of smoking can have to our health and wellbeing and how it can affect others around us too. So why, in spite of all our good intentions do we find our will power and motivation evaporates in time and we revert back to our old ways?

It helps to understand that there are two compartments to our mind. The conscious decision making part which dictates our logical thoughts and will power and the huge subconscious part which constantly works away in the background, acting as the storage department for our memories, emotions and significantly, our habits.

Although we may consciously want to stop smoking for good, there are times when the subconscious part hasn't quite got the message and continues to 'perceive' that this dangerous habit is doing us some good. Without intervention at a subconscious level, many people find they begin to experience nicotine cravings, their will power weakens and before long they are back to smoking again.

Remain an ex-smoker for life

If you genuinely want to kick the smoking habit then this unique and complete two session stop smoking programme that I offer could provide the solution for you.

Stop smoking with Hypnotherapy in Westcliff, Southend and Leigh includes targeting the nicotine addiction, the physical cravings and the psychological habit in just two sessions for maximum lasting impact, so that you successfully break the connection you have with tobacco, stop smoking and most importantly, remain an ex-smoker for life.

Twelve month guarantee

Because the success rate is so high, and because I am confident that I can help you, this stop smoking programme comes with a twelve month guarantee.

If you feel that now is the right time to stop smoking and you want to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed, together with the security of a 12 month guarantee to make that change permanent, then this complete programme that I offer is available now for £220.

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"...Still a non-smoker and it's going really well! cravings at all, amazing!" Nathan, Ipswich.

"...It's been 4 months since I last saw you and I feel great for not smoking, so thank you very much. Never thought I could do it!" Neal, Southend.

"...It's been one year since you showed me I can live without cigarettes and I'm still going strong. I'm a completely different person plus I'm a stone and a half lighter." Mrs S. Leigh on Sea.

"...Can't believe it's been a whole year of not smoking. Looking forward to another smoke free year, I feel fantastic!" Miss K. Westcliff on Sea.

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