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What is Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Westcliff?

Weight loss hypnotherapy in Westcliff is all about giving you control over your eating permanently.

Without any conscious effort, you will find that you will begin to eat less, automatically reduce the size of the food portions you put on your plate, and stop the between meal snacking and grazing. You will discover the enjoyment of eating sensibly and in moderation, guilt free.

Weight loss hypnotherapy in Westcliff is not about dieting; it's about discovering the real reasons for your overeating and addressing these psychological causes. This will put an end to constant (and boring) yo-yo dieting which can actually make you think or obsess about food even more!

Being in control of your eating will mean that without any conscious effort your calorie intake will reduce, your motivation will increase, and the results will be permanent.

Learn the secrets of natural weight loss.

By being able to recognise the patterns that are preventing you from becoming slimmer, Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Westcliff will provide you with exactly the right tools to begin to lose weight immediately.

Eating habits are often driven by an underlying state, the term I use to describe this is Psychological Eating.

What is a psychological eater?

There are three different types of eater; most people find that they fall in to one or more of the following categories.

Emotional eaters

Emotional eaters are people who eat more depending on how they are feeling at the time. Stress, worry, loneliness, boredom, frustration, companionship, reward, punishment often have an emotional attachment to food. Emotional eaters often report that they eat to 'fill a gap in their life'.

Conditioned eaters

Many people's eating behaviour comes from how they have been brought up in early childhood. For example, a child may be made to feel guilty if they don't finish eating everything that is on their plate. These conditioned eaters tend to follow this trend into later life, holding onto a plate clearing habit resulting in a tendency to overeat at every meal.

Subconscious eaters

A subconscious eater is a person who is unaware of all the food that they are putting into their mouths. They may often snack or graze during the day, or eat a whole bag of sweets whilst watching television, unaware of how much they are actually consuming. The subconscious eater eats automatically with little or no conscious awareness of this.

Once the psychological reasons for overeating have been resolved, the actual habits and 'weaknesses' of eating can be changed for the better. With hypnotherapy in Westcliff, your 'relationship' with food can be changed into a 'positive attitude' to food. Chocolate, cheese, crisps, biscuits can still be enjoyed but with a greater sense of being in control and moderation, allowing you to feel confident and relaxed about how you behave in the presence of food at all times.

To find out more about how weight loss hypnotherapy could help you please contact me.


"...As it has been 5 months since you worked your magic on me, I thought you'd be happy to hear that after only two sessions I have been doing brilliantly. If anyone asks can you help with food issues then I think it is safe to say you can! Thanks again for all your help." Linda, Westcliff on Sea.

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