What is Hypnotherapy?

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What is hypnotherapy in Westcliff?

Hypnotherapy in Westcliff provides a safe, natural and effective therapy, which allows you to remain completely in control at all times whilst feeling pleasantly relaxed and calm.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Therapeutic hypnosis is simply a deep state of complete mental and physical relaxation and whilst in this relaxed state you will remain fully aware of your surroundings. We all experience this natural state each day just before we go to sleep and again just before we become fully awake. Many people compare the feeling to a pleasant daydream.

The doorway to success in hypnotherapy is the subconscious mind. It is during this natural state of relaxation that the conscious part of our mind, the logical, analytical, thinking part, is by-passed so that lasting positive suggestions can be made directly to our subconscious mind, the natural, intuitive part which not only holds information that is outside our consciousness, but also manages our emotions, sensations and how our body functions.

The operation and health of our body is optimally the function of our subconscious. In simple terms, our subconscious is there to look after us, therefore it will been keen to accept new positive alternatives given by the trained therapist, which will then have a continued beneficial effect on us at a conscious level and will greatly change and enhance our everyday lives.

Specially tailored for you

As each person is unique, I always ensure that each hypnotherapy in Westcliff session is tailored to suit the individual personally, ensuring that your requirements are clearly understood by me, so that you will feel completely happy with the way forward and that maximum benefit can be achieved.

In much the same way as we respond favourably when a person refers to us by our own name, our subconscious will accept more rapidly positive change if the hypnotherapy session is tailored specifically for the individual.


"...I can honestly say that your sessions have changed my life...I believed it would work, but even I am surprised at how much better I am feeling and how it has stayed that way. Thank you so much!" James, Essex.

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